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Duel Academy R:2

From the depths of hell, like a phoenix!

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A Yu-Gi-Oh! Universe-focused game.

Note: This is a technically AU RP for Yugioh GX, though it stayed close to canon until the end of the show's run. As a result, the main setting and timeline is set to immediately after GX's run ended. As well, we would like to note that we implore that you apply first and get your application approved before joining the community with your character's journal. This community, itself, will be usually used plot notices, introduction posts with your characters, and modly announcements.

Newbies can check the differences from canon here.

Information about the Duel College, the associated school to Duel Academy, can be found here.


This is a very free-for-all, rather strange, RPG, so if you have any questions, then just drop linka13, pdutogepi, or maximumawesome (AIM account: JinnNaoma1 ) a line. This RP follows the canon characterizations of the GX characters, however, it is considered to be AU, due to the departure from the conventional canon storyline.

NOTICE: Until further notice, please send all complaints and questions to duelcerberus@gmail.com

Extra Note to Lurkers: Do not take anything that Jime does seriously.

Card Approval Note: For custom cards and anime/manga cards, please speak to Neo Arkadia neo_arkadia, V_Jeff viewtiful_jeff, Linka linka13, or Jinn maximumawesome for approval for use, before using them in-game. You must have at least two approvals before you can begin using those cards.

This RP is originally based on the original Japanese GX. As such, there will be no mention of Slifer, Jaden, or anything else. However, let it be noted that in this game, the school year ends in the last week of September, and starts in the first week of October.

Also, it is highly HIGHLY recommended that you have AIM, MSN Messenger, and/or IRC before joining.

As an important rule to keep in mind:

Update Requirement for Important Characters: One month.

In the case that three weeks pass without an update from an important character who has visible weight in the game, the player shall be warned, if available. If another week passes without update, the character will be removed from the character list, and the player will be required to re-apply the character, if interest in them is still present.

The character will not be removed in the case of informing of mods of inability to update, but will be expected to be able to return within a promised amount of time, and will be removed in the case of extended uninforming of the mods.


OCs are generally allowed, however, and should all be apped in the normal application thread. However, if you're rejected, and still wish to play, one of the mods would be more than happy to help with your characterization.

We have opened ourselves up to use of multi-fandom characters in use in the Duel Academy: R2 RP. However, there are certain requirements needed to use such characters. We are generally looking for how well the character might fit into the game, their purpose for being in here, as well as any changes needed to make them adapt to them. Given how Duel Academy is, multiple changes may be necessary in order for the mods to approve of them. Also, given the possible lack of knowledge the mods and members may have of other series, it is required to include the name of the series you'll be basing, adapting, or outright taking your character from.

As a special note, we have Female Osiris Red and Ra Yellow dorms. This is so to not alienate newer members who might wish to use female characters, but do not have the ability to duel as well as Obelisk Blue tends to portray, or have characters that dislike the automatic promotion. We ask that you do keep this in mind when you decide to app a new female character, and where their place might be in the school, depending on their abilities, and your own.

As a Secondary Note, due to plot reasons, the five dragons of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (Currently Stardust Dragon, Red Daemon's Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon, and supposedly Power Tool Dragon) are not widely released cards. Only one character to one dragon is allowed, save for time antics, and all are claimed.

Taken Dragons:

Stardust Dragon - Jinn Naoma (Jinn) [Wing]
Red Daemon's Dragon - Linka Barkus (Linka) [Front Claw]
Black Rose Dragon - Isabel Marias (V_Jeff) [Tail]
Ancient Fairy Dragon - Shimofuri, Shinoko (Neo Arkadia) [Back Claw]
Power Tool Dragon - Nagi Nagai (Jime) [Head]

The Future Signers (5D's) are as followed, as well.

Stardust Dragon - Fudo, Yusei (V_Jeff) [Tail]
Red Daemon's Dragon - Jack Atlas (Jinn) [Wing]
Black Rose Dragon - Izayoi, Aki (Nick) [Front Claw]
Ancient Fairy Dragon - Ruka (PDUTogepi) [Back Claw]

However, there are also the Dark Signers, who work against the Signers, having been killed (as a majority) by the present-day Dragons. They are as followed, for reference:

Astronaut - Alexandra Grant (V_Jeff)
Hummingbird - Futaba, Shiroko (NeoArkadia)
Lizard - Kevin Mask (Jinn)
Monkey - Jeanette Dianne Grave Angelina Waston Stone (Jeanette)

Spider - Yuuki, Juudai (PDUTogepi)

-A- Ayukawa, Emi flushotemi comfyweedinafez
-H- Hibiki, Midori hibiki_midori pdutogepi
-K- Kabayama, Professor leftovercurry comfyweedinafez
-P- Pharaoh pharaoh_nya pdutogepi
-T- Tenjoin, Asuka nottomorrowgirl viewtiful_jeff
-Y- Yuuki, Juudai i_like_red pdutogepi

-B- Bruno fistmagnet hinoryu
-I- Izayoi, Aki pitchdarkflower gxrpnickcentral
-J- Jack Atlus rulestheduel maximumawesome
-M- 'Misaki'('Abilene') watt_pumpkin neo_arkadia
-R- Rally Dawson oo_itsatrap_oo pdutogepi
Rua hasthetouch viewtiful_jeff
Ruka voicesofspirits pdutogepi
-T- Tetsu, Ushio ora_ora_ora gxrpnickcentral
-Y- Yuusei Fudo shooting_sonic viewtiful_jeff

-A- Adam Van der Aart mynameis_legion neo_arkadia
Alexander Hawkeye mechanikaiser gxrpnickcentral
Alexandra Grant icarus_attack viewtiful_jeff
Amagawa, Hinata mirrorshine hinoryu
Amelia Grant grandgrimorum maximumawesome
-B- Baisotei, Kazuo ogrewarrior projectazure
Briar, Geo D. magmaheart projectazure
Briar, Nina magmaqueen projectazure
-C- Cain Marias saw_the_sea maximumawesome
Corvus Adams moegoth projectazure
-D- Date, Kiko frozenogre projectazure
-E- Echo theamnesias hinoryu
Eero Nanashi normalnnameless comfyweedinafez
Erland Eusebius pureplainpatron comfyweedinafez
-F- Franziska Hartmann hexeinmadchen neo_arkadia
Futaba, Shiroko whitrthanwhite neo_arkadia
-H- Haita, Onnifuji becomeanwarrior captain_gemhed
Honjou, Jin word_of_justice viewtiful_jeff
Honjou, Jo writingsketch projectazure
-I- Isabel Marias sees_the_sea viewtiful_jeff
-J- Jeff's one shots overlapdarkness viewtiful_jeff
Jouyoku, Ai lust_ai_love neo_arkadia
-K- Kantai, Sekuta thefrozenstorm linka13
"Kawakami, Daisuke"(Rennai) cloaksansdagger gxrpnickcentral
Kawasaki, Sayuri sketchthepast pdutogepi
Kawasaki, Tomoko sketchthefuture pdutogepi
Kimura, Tadazane devotedforyou linka13
Kirishima, Rei aspiritedgirl hinoryu
Kourin, Kiseki miraclemecswake captain_gemhed
Kurochi, Shiroko greyerthanabyss neo_arkadia
Kurochi, Shiyoko blackrthanblack neo_arkadia
Kurosawa, Akuma imajin_all_the neo_arkadia
-L- Linka Barkus blackmage_linka linka13
-M- Misogi, Hikari sees_the_light hinoryu
Misou, Umu san_buntai linka13
Muramasa Takumi imadetheswords projectazure
-N- Naoma, Jinn beastkingnaoma maximumawesome
Naoma, Yuri rescuecatnaoma maximumawesome
-P- Prototype:Xi archiverxi comfyweedinafez
-R- Reikon Rosuto(Monica Millennia) misplacedspirit captain_gemhed
-S- Saiga Aliester jagtdenjager hinoryu
Saitou, Kiyoki cheeringon linka13
Sakakibara, Shino seesthrough hinoryu
Samasu, Saikou supremesaikou linka13
Samasu-Wakahisa, Sanko prick_in_threes linka13
Samasu, Sanshi 3_s33s_what linka13
Samasu, Seichi intheseichi linka13
Samasu, Setsuo lightning_strke linka13
Samasu, Shian and Sadame memoryistime linka13
Samasu, Shiei hyperhyposhiei neo_arkadia
Samasu, Shikou observershikou linka13
Samasu, Souha keepersouha linka13
Samasu, Suguru remarkablerain linka13
Shimofuri, Shinoko cuterthancute neo_arkadia
Shopkeeper by_the_pricking neo_arkadia
Suguru (Yamato Nadeshiko) gently_pricking linka13
Sullivan Adams autumnblizzard projectazure
Susan DeRay weavethebonds maximumawesome
-T- Tachibana, Rekka itsforflavoring neo_arkadia
Tendou, Misaki roadofheaven hinoryu
Theresa Ethelinda foreverchilled comfyweedinafez
Tokei, Kouji bdsm_kouji neo_arkadia
-U- Usruu, Auun moonlightpuppy comfyweedinafez
-V- Vidya Eusebius bibeakerbabe neo_arkadia
-W- Wakahisa, Moeko the8thmonarch neo_arkadia
Wakahisa, Noriko thefifthmonarch neo_arkadia
-Y- Yamamoto, Suzume suzakuformation neo_arkadia
Yamigumo, Yuzuki colormedarkly comfyweedinafez

-G- Gormul, Craig(Demoman, Adapted) fullofeyeballs gxrpnickcentral

-A- Akazawa, Jasumi (Reptilianne Vaskii) sea_of_milk neo_arkadia
-C- Cyril (Lord of Azure Flames) azuremagma projectazure
-F- Frozen World NPCs frozenworldarmy neo_arkadia
-G- Grant, Icarus (One-Hundred Eye Dragon) attackingicarus viewtiful_jeff
-J- Juudai's Spirits hero_spirits pdutogepi
-M- Mikata, Niyo (The Unfriendly Amazon, Caitlin the Exiled) isdragonlady neo_arkadia
-R- "Rosie"(Black Rose Chick) blackrosechick maximumawesome
-S- Seizaki, Setsu (Crown Princess Reinhilde) for_a_purpose neo_arkadia
-Y- Yubel das_yubel pdutogepi

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